Movie Review: Men in Black: International (2019)

Somewhere between a reboot and a sequel comes 2019’s sci-fi action/comedy, Men In Black: International. Directed by F. Gary Gray, the film stars Chris Hemsworth as H, the star agent at the MIB London Branch, overseen by former-agent-turned-boss, High T (Liam Neeson). When an eager new agent arrives (Tessa Thompson), H teams up with her to complete a should-be easy mission, but conspiracies and subterfuge soon take centre stage. Also, there are aliens.

+ as you may expect, Hemsworth and Thompson have great chemistry. Following on from their turn in Thor: Ragnarok, both actors play off each other nicely, and you can really believe that the back-and-forths are something that would happen off-screen as well. Rafe Spall and Liam Neeson have smaller but important roles, and whilst i’d like more of Spall, in particular, they are also both fine
+ great special effects, particularly on a pair of antagonists, who reminded me of a more sinister version of The Twins from the second Matrix movie (ie. one of the few good things about that movie)

Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) and his new rookie partner, Agent M (Tessa Thompson)

– the plot is essentially a sloppier retread of the first film, but instead of the stoic, by-the-books guy being the older agent, this time it’s the new girl. I am thankful there was no forced relationship to previous film characters, if you can see my obvious reference
– there is an alien who plays a small part in the movie (but lots of time in the trailers) voiced by Kumail Nanjiani that I just did not care for at all. I probably couldn’t even list more than 5 other things Nanjiani has been in, but I’m already getting a bit sick of him

> I am glad this was not a directly linked film to the three others, but I do admit it felt like maybe there should have been some nods or something to them. Maybe I just missed the easter eggs, or maybe the antics of J and K from the original trilogy are just not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of the MIB.

Should you see this film: As far as background noise, this was perfect fine to give 3/4 of my attention. The plot was standard and predictable, but there were some cool creatures/aliens, Hemsworth is a babe and it was never offensively bad. Keep this in your backlog for a rainy day.

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