Movie Review: Batman: Hush (2019)

Mostly based on the comics of the same name, with some concessions to fit in with the larger DC Animated Universe (DCAU), Batman: Hush is a 2019 animated superhero movie, taking place soon after The Death of Superman and Reign of the Supermen events. After Batman (Jason O’Mara) is injured in a chase with Catwoman (Jennifer Morrison, House), Bruce Wayne is treated by an old friend, surgeon Thomas Elliot (Maury sterling). As a mysterious new villain, Hush, enters Gotham City, Batman must contend with new enemies, old allies and decide if he is capable of living two lives at once.

+ O’Mara is really good as Batman. He’s been good from the very beginning of the DCAU, in Justice League: War, and I’m content to say he is probably only second to Kevin Conroy in Batman voice portrayals. Jerry O’Connell is also still very enjoyable as Superman, since taking over from Alan Tudyk in Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, though his role is significantly smaller here than his recent double feature
+ the all star cast of heroes and villains (mostly villains) means that fans of most of Batman’s Rogues Gallery will have someone to look forward to. Poison Ivy (Peyton List, reprising from Gotham) was a personal favourite, as was Rainn Wilson’s (The Office) third outing as Lex Luthor
+ the changes to the comic story are relatively minor, until a final reveal. Even well-read fans of the original will have a few twists and turns thrown their way, and the very end of the film will certainly leave a few shocked faces in its wake

A hidden face and surgical precision are two calling cards of Batman’s newest adversary, Hush.

– the same nu-52 DCAU animation style is starting to wear a bit thin, especially as Batman dons a more classic costume. I’m not necessarily suggesting going back to the B:TAS style (but truly, who doesn’t want that?) but this current format is bland and boring
– Bane got shafted hard in this version of the comic story. I’m a big Bane fan, so that was especially hard to take

> I don’t think there are any plans for it thus far, but I would absolutely love a Knightfall adaption, preferably over two parts like the recent Superman duology. I just want more Bane in general

Should you see this film: This was certainly better than Reign of the Supermen, and once again I really appreciate the way these various, at-the-time unrelated stories are being woven into one longer narrative. There are a few interesting ways this could go in the future, but as it stands this was a pretty good adaption, and worth watching for Batman or DC Comics fans.


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