Wrestling Review: WWE Super Showdown (2019)

The WWE returns to Saudi Arabia for the third time, as it presents WWE Super Showdown, live from the King Abdullah Sports City’s King Abdullah International Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The main event is a dream match of epic proportions, as Goldberg, a maintstay of WCW, goes on one one for the first time ever with The Undertaker. The Universal Championship will be on the line as Seth Rollins defends against Baron Corbin; Kofi Kingston will put his WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Dolph Ziggler; and Triple H and Randy Orton look to settle their long time rivalry once and for all. Also, the most prestigious Battle Royale in WWE history, as 50 men will compete in an over the top rope elimination challenge.

+ Randy Orton vs Triple H: the video packages for this have been great, and as an old school match, this was pretty good. Truthfully, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Frankly, this was the match their Wrestlemania match however many moons ago should have been
+ The Demon Finn Balor (c) Andrade (WWE Intercontinental Championship): overall, this was pretty good, but somewhat limited by ‘The Demon’ persona (which, frankly, I’m surprised was allowed to appear in Saudi Arabia, due to its religious connotations). Andrade is far too good to be wallowing away in the WWE, especially against Finn Balor, and ESPECIALLY since NJPWs Best of the Super Juniors has just concluded. Just imagine Andrade reuniting with Naito, or Devitt back in the Bullet Club. In fact, don’t imagine that, because you’ll just be disappointed

Goldberg vs The Undertaker: holy shit, this was a train wreck. This was a dream match – about 20 years ago. Every time Undertaker gets in the ring he is tarnishing his own legacy. Even some gratuitous, if unexpected, blood couldn’t stop this for falling apart from the get go
50-Man Battle Royale: this was all 50 men in the ring to start, and god almighty those first fifteen minutes or so were a disaster (note: I don’t know how long the match was. It could have been three minutes and just felt like an eternity). Once there were about 10 or so people left, things got a bit better, with the final six being particularly cool. This ended well, but started horrible, which averages out to “unique but not particularly good”
Kofi Kingston (c) (w/ Xavier Woods) vs Dolph Ziggler (WWE Championship): just, who cares? Ziggler has been a joke for years, and a few from-behind attacks over the last weeks doesn’t change that. Kofi’s chase was far more interesting than his being champion, and this current run, up to and including this match, has proved that
Bobby Lashley vs Braun Strowman: this was okay, but nothing more. These two have teamed, fought or interacted in one way or another so much that this didn’t feel like the first time meeting it was, which is another indictment on WWEs over saturation
Lucha House Party (Kalisto, Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik) vs Lars Sullivan: this was stupid, and barely fit to take place on a random episode of Raw. Though I did get a chuckle out of Lars being referred to as “like a huge wall”, after his racist past was revealed, and he is facing off against a trio of Mexicans
Shane McMahon (w/ Drew McIntyre) vs Roman Reigns: not good at all. Every second Shane involves himself in in-ring action, the show gets noticeably worse, and it is made more obvious by the fact that Drew is so damn good, and Roman COULD be so much better, but they insist on trying this same tired ‘Stone Cold vs Vince’ thing with him and Shane
Seth Rollins (c) vs Baron Corbin (WWE Universal Championship): this was so boring. Corbin is not an interesting character, and Seth had a lose-lose istuation on his hands: if he was “injured”, he couldn’t do his cool stuff; if he did his cool stuff,he ruined the story by not being “injured”. The Corbin experiment failed a long time ago

Should you watch this event: Absolute not. I chose not to watch this at 4 am Australia time because I had little hope of it being anything worth seeing, and by God I was right. Andrade/Balor might be worth a look if it’s ever on YouTube, but leave the rest alone and never think about it again.


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