Wrestling Review: WWE Money in the Bank (2019)

The first PPV stop since Wrestlemania has arrived, and Money in the Bank will see seven of the top men in the WWE, and eight of the top women, compete in their own Money in the Bank matches, with the winner receiving a championship match at a time of their choosing. Ali, Randy Orton, Andrade, Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, Ricochet and Finn Balor will all compete in one ladder match, whilst Bayley, Naomi, Dana Brooke, Mandy Rose, Carmella, Natalaya, Ember Moon and Nikki Cross will compete in the women’s ladder match. The Universal Championship will be on the line as well, as Seth Rollins defends against AJ Styles, while the WWE Champion Kofi Kingston will defend his championship against Kevin Owens.

+ Kofi Kingston (c) vs Kevin Owens (WWE Championship): although perhaps not quite as good as Rollins/Styles, this was another really good match. Kofi’s reign thus far has been pretty good, though truthfully I do find it hard to buy him as the top champion on SmackDown when people like Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan are still there. That said, Owens worked really well against Kofi’s good-guy personality, and it made for a solid, classic title match
+ Seth Rollins (c) vs AJ Styles (Universal Championship): this was absolutely fantastic. For the first time since the series with Cena, I felt that Styles was at his absolute best, and Rollins had a real reason to absolutely cut loose. The only real complaint is that it ended a bit too early, and could and probably should ahve gone on a bit longer
+ Tony Nese (c) vs Ariya Daivari (WWE Cruiserweight Championship): this was actually pretty good, but the dip in quality from Murphy to Nese is very noticeable. Nese is fine, but a match between he and Ariya Daivari doesn’t quite have the muster behind it, compared to something like a Buddy Murphy clinic. This was a good match, and I have listed it as such, but it’s a shame that none of those incredible Murphy/Cedric Alexander matches were on the main PPV cards
+ Bayley vs Carmella vs Dana Brooke vs Ember Moon vs Mandy Rose vs Naomi vs Natalya vs Nikki Cross (Money in the Bank Ladder Match): Cross replacing an injured Alexa Bliss already made this a bit more exciting for me. This was pretty good, with Dana Brooke, surprisingly, providing one of the major highlights. Ember Moon, Natalya and Naomi were all great, but every woman involved deserves some credit for this being as good as it was

Ali vs Andrade vs Baron Corbin vs Drew McIntyre vs Finn Balor vs Randy Orton vs Ricochet (Money in the Bank Ladder Match): Sami Zayn was removed before the match ever begun (probably to cover him from not going to Saudi Arabia… for the third time). Despite Balor, Andrade and Ali each nearly dying for all of us on several occasions, everyone involved was willing to go absolutely all out and it made for an unforgettable spectacle, until the ending ruined it entirely. Seriously, how fucking hard is it not to ruin your own show?
Elias vs Roman Reigns: overcoming cancer doesn’t magically make Roman good
Becky Lynch (c) vs Charlotte Flair (WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship): two clangers in a row for Becky, as this was not a good match either. These two should have been staying as far away from each other as possible after Wrestlemania, but apparently, that was not in the cards, and over saturation has ruined this. Charlotte, in particular, was really not at her best in this match
Becky Lynch (c) vs Lacey Evans (WWE Raw Woman’s Championship): good god, this was bad. Lacey herself was average, and perhaps not as bad as usual, but some dodgy refereeing, and the simple fact it is Lacey Evans in a title match already means that this was just not the great match Becky Two-Belts deserved
The Miz vs Shane McMahon (Steel Cage Match): this feud needs to end. It has run through Wrestlemania, the new brand draft, every seek in between and now this event. Whoever won, it doesn’t matter, because everything about this since Shane betrayed the Mix has been garbage
Samoa Joe (c) vs Rey Mysterio (WWE United States Championship): for the second time in a row, an injury derails a should-be great match between these two. Following the match at Wrestlemania, nearly the same thing happened here, as one competitor very clearly had their face/nose busted up, and as much as I love where it is clearly heading, this was not good
The Planet’s Champions (The New Daniel Bryan & Rowan) vs The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso): this was advertised as a championship match, but apparently that changed, at some point. This was an okay match, but with nothing on the line, on the kickoff show, and even with an ad break in the middle, it was a waste of Bryan, a huge waste of the Usos and even a waste of Rowan just for something different

> it is common knowledge that the WWE referees are told to call matches as if they were real, and it is the performers’ jobs to make sure they are in the right place. So what the hell was up with the refereeing on this show?
> once again, the camera work was simply atrocious

Should you watch this event: Rollins/Styles, Kofi/Owens and the women’s MITB match are all great, and worth watching. The men’s MITB match is pretty good until the ending, but otherwise, don’t bother with the rest of this show.


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