Game Review: Spider-Man: Silver Lining (DLC)

[Please note: there are full spoilers for the base Spider-man game here, and the first two parts of the DLC trifecta.]

Release date: 2018
Version played: Playstation 4 in 2018

The third and final act of the City that Never Sleeps trilogy, Silver Lining sees Spider-man turn to an unlikely ally for help. Following her attack on the presumed-dead-but-we-know-better crime boss Hammerhead, Yuri Watanabe is placed on administrative leave, so Spider-man is forced to team with the returned Silver Sable and uncover the secrets of Project Olympus.

+ the characterisation provided to Silver Sable (through solid voice work by Nichole Elise) concludes the trio of strong women allies Spider-man teams with. One moment in particular really sealed the deal, so to speak, on her transformation from antagonist to anti-hero
+ a few quick forays into the sewers made for some good exploration and stealth sections (which were far more reminiscent of the Arkham Asylum stealth rooms). It was a claustrophobic change of pace from the open world of New York. It also had some good dialogue, considering Spidey was in fact in a sewer
+ the secondary activities return, with new hideouts to take down and Screwball challenges to complete, with the hideout secondary objectives being particuarly difficult this time. One other side mission proves to be one of the best in the whole game
+ MJ and Miles get several phone conversations of their own which really adds to their characters. Miles’ character has been building to his becoming Spider-man (or a Spider-man, as I guess it is), and the conversations between Peter and MJ add to their relationship drama from the main game. Thankfully, there are no segments playing as either of them in this game

Marvel's Spider-Man_20181222101630
I saved a few screenshots throughout my play time, but most of them ended up being a little bit spoilery.  So instead, here’s one using one of the new frames available.

– the final moments of this DLC end far too quickly. The hype and/or challenge of the final boss is washed away and the credits roll in a matter of moments. It was jarring, to say the least, and a little bit disappointing
– as the final act of the City That Never Sleeps trilogy, there were a lot of things left unanswered, or otherwise glossed over when they really needed some proper resolutions

> Now that it’s completed, it’s clear that this trilogy of DLCs is the “Silver & Black” film Sony has been on-and-off again wanting to make for nearly a decade, and it matches perfectly the fact that the base game was the best Spider-man portrayal there has been in about that same time span

Should you play this game: Aside from the sudden and somewhat lacklustre ending to the story, this was a fitting finale to what was a story already full of ups and downs. This had challenging combat scenarios, thrilling stealth sections and fantastic character work on almost every front, and is well worth playing. I can also now say that overall, as a whole, this may be one of the better DLC stories in modern gaming.


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