TV Review: Paradise PD (Season 1, 2018)

From the creators of the similarly crude and crass Brickleberry is the Netflix original animated comedy, Paradise PD. The officers of the Paradise City Police Department are all bad cops – not bad like dangerous, bad as in they are all horrible police officers. The force includes Police Chief Randall Crawford (veteran voice actor Tom Kenny) his son, the newly joined Kevin Crawford (David Herman), the only woman, Gina (Sarah Chalke, Scrubs, Rick & Morty), the African-American Fitz (Cedric Yarbrough) and Dusty (Dana Snyder), a morbidly obese, child-like target for Gina’s sexual advances, while Bullet, the police dog (Kyle Kinane) is tasked with guarding the confiscated drug supply. When a new drug sweeps the streets of Paradise, the force must band together to find the kingpin and end its production.

+ the plot is thin to begin with, but the longer running stories are the best part of the show. Despite it all falling off a cliff at the end, the build up through nine episodes of who the town’s newest crime boss is does make for enjoyable viewing, it’s just a shame it’s so few and far between the other ingredients of the show
+ I enjoyed the humour, but I can concede it won’t be for everyone. In a similar style to something like Family Guy, there are lots of ‘cut away gags’. The one episode spotlighting the force’s only black officer, featuring a slew of references to the real life Black Lives Matter movement is perhaps the most amusing, because you are forced to laugh and seriously think about the real world implications. Another episode lampooning Dungeons & Dragons is a highlight, though for entirely non-serious reasons

From left: Gina, Dusty, Fitz, Bullet and Kevin, along with Police Chief Randall Crawford.

– it feels at times the show is trying too hard to be something like Brooklyn Nine-Nine meets Family Guy. Bullet, the drug dog, is essentially just Brian Griffin, and Gina, the force’s only female officer, is basically just B-99’s Rosa (though she shares her name with another B-99 character). I understand that it is nigh-impossible to be entirely unique these days, but these still stand out
– as mentioned, the humour can be hit and miss. For as many jokes that stuck, there were plenty more that fell flat or passed with not even a chuckle from me or my viewing partner. In the same vein as F is For Family, this show is funny, but it’s not funny in the way you’ll be laughing constantly.
– personally, I could do without seeing all the animated scrotums and old-man dick on this (though, funnily enough, I found the literal asshole humour to be pretty funny). This is similar, again, to F is For Family which also had no qualms with animated ballsacks a plenty

Should you watch this show: I’ve not seen Brickleberry, and whilst I did enjoy this for what it was, I can’t say I’m now scrambling to watch it. A few chuckles from maybe two of the ten episodes are not really enough to suggest this as any other than background noise.


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