Movie Review: Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

The sixth entry in the Tom Cruise led action franchise, Mission: Impossible – Fallout is a 2018 spy-action film. Acting as a direct sequel to the previous film (for the first time in the franchise), Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames and Rebecca Ferguson return tot he series as Ethan Hunt, Benji Dunn, Luther Stickell and Isla Faust, respectively. After a mission goes wrong, Hunt is assigned ot be watched over by CIA Agent August Walker (Henry Cavill), as the IMF team attempts to recover stolen plutonium with the fate of the world on the line.

+ the chemistry between the main four (Cruise, Pegg, Rhames and Ferguson) is fantastic, whether they are allies or enemies. The history between the characters is the gel that holds all their individual, great performances together. I’m a particular fan of Simon Pegg, and he never ceases to be both a tough ally, and the comedy in these movies
+ newcomer CIA Agent August Walker (Henry Cavill), aside from being ridiculously sexy even with his million dollar moustache, fits into the movie’s universe with ease. Walker stands juxtaposed to Hunt in both methods and stature, and Cavill once again proves his action-spy chops, after The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Maybe he should play another famous British spy sometime soon…
+ this film being a direct sequel, rather than simply referencing previous missions or characters, played a huge part in making this as good as it was. By no means do you have to know everything about the previous movie, but characters’ motivations and callbacks will make much more sense if you treat yourself to Rogue Nation before seeing this
+ the stunts keep getting bigger and better. Ethan Hunt (or should I say, Tom Cruise) literally hanging from the bottom of a speeding helicopter, jumping across multi-storey buildings or tumbling over the hood of a car off a speeding motorbike proves what I said about him in my previous Mission: Impossible review: he is legitimately insane. But damn if I don’t love him for it

– Jeremy Renner was off filming Avengers IV (after not even appearing in Infinity War, boo hiss) so he, as William Brandt, was not in this movie. If you’re hoping for a cameo at the end, you’ll be disappointed, as I certainly was

> I think it’s fair to compare this movie (as well as Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation) as the “new trilogy” version of spy movies for what Fast and Furious has become for racing movies. Sure, there may be one or two spy/racing moments, but otherwise these new entries in their respective long-running franchises are all action, all the time. Our IMF Agents still use face masks and subterfuge, and our driving team still has the occasional race in an exotic supercar, but generally fist fights and shootouts are the way these movies go. I don’t know if the Bourne qunitilogy is directly to blame, but I would wager it has a lot to do with it.
> as I rewatch the trailer on YouTube to get some screenshots adn the title card, I can’t help but notice how much is not actually in the final movie. Sneaky devils, trying to fool poor old MoshFish

Should you see this film: Yes. I’ve long since stopped being surprised when I find myself enjoying the Tom Cruise action movies (Edge of Tomorrow, Collateral, Oblivion, Jack Reacher and of course the Mission: Impossible series), but this goes above and beyond being “just” a Tom Cruise action movie to being arguably the best in this franchise (it’s a close win over Ghost Protocol, for my money).


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