Movie Review: Deadpool 2 (2018)

Alright, look. This is the part of the review where the guy that writes it tells you the company who made the movie, who it stars and when it was released. But you all look like smart people, so I’ll just tell you to look at the title of this review instead, and you could probably guess the rest. All you need to know is Deadpool looks a lot like Ryan Reynolds in some make-up, his hot-ass girlfriend is back, that big Russian metal guy is still here and Dopinder is still kicking on as the lovable loser taxi driver. Joining us here are Domino (Zazie Beetz), a mutant whose power is, luck, aka the least cinematic of all possible powers, and Thanos Cable (Josh Brolin), a mean cyborg from the future whose only goal is to hunt down and kill the 14-year-old mutant Russell (Julian Dennison).

+ Deadpool is the hero we all don’t deserve or want, and he is hilarious. His mutant power might as well be his smart mouth, because that is the real star of the show, as he calls out every character, moment and plot point for what it is. Some personal favourites were calling Cable “Thanos” (because of this, if you hadn’t heard already) and the constant making fun of other superhero movies from both top companies
+ the action is as violent and wild as ever, with one fantastic “big CGI battle” that had me grinning from ear to ear. There was a bit less gore, perhaps, than the first movie, at least in regards to everyone except Deadpool himself
+ aside from all the fourth-wall breaking, the movie is genuinely funny, with sight gags, slapstick comedy and gross-out humour in bulk. Those among us who like some good pain comedy will get a kick out of the various ways Deadpool gets battered and broken (spoiler alert, he gets back up)
+ the advertisements for this movie are some of the biggest loads of crap you’ll get, because virtually nothing in the trailers is of any importance to the plot of this movie. There are some huge surprises, and the plot comes charging with all the momentum you’d expect of an anti-hero not afraid to change his plan of attack on the fly

– new cast additions of Cable and Domino are very welcome to let Deadpool bounce off some new characters, although neither are huge additions on their own. Domino was seemingly very underused, despite one big moment, and Cable was more of a plot catalyst than a character. If you are the type of person to want to compare recent performances, I very much so preferred Brolin as Thanos than here as Cable
– there is some lazy writing, which is lampshaded as blatantly as you could expect, but that is just a fault of lazy writing (it’s a vicious cycle)

Should you see this film: Continuing on from the first film, this is another very obvious labour of love from the ridiculously handsome Ryan Reynolds. Like all of Reynold’s performances, this may be bordering on ‘too much’, but the new characters, the wild action and the constant stream of jokes make for a really enjoyable watch regardless.


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