Wrestling Review: GCW Joey Janela’s Spring Break 2 (2018)

It was one of the surprise smash hit shows of last year’s biggest weekend in wrestling, New Orleans plays host to Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) as it presents Joey Janela’s Spring Break 2. Headlined by the almost unbelievable match-up of Joey Janela versus The Great Sasuke, the show will also see a no DQ title match between GCW Champion Nick F’n Gage and Penta El Zero M (aka Pentagon Jr.), in what is sure to be a bloodbath. David Starr will take on his dream opponent, innovator of modern wrestling Mike Quackenbush, whilst two of the toughest men in wrestling today, WALTER and Pierre Carl Oullet will chop each other raw. For the second consecutive year, there will be a Spring Break Clusterfuck match, with an unknown number of participants, with eliminations occurring by pinfall, submission, being propelled over the top rope… or death.

+ David Starr vs Mike Quackenbush: I’m a big fan of Starr, and I really wish he had won the wXw 16 Carat Gold tournament just a month or so ago, and Quack is a legend in my mind. This was a great technical match, though it quickly devolved into Starr being a huge jerk, but damn if this wasn’t a great match to watch. Walter was one commentary, folloing his brutal match, and I really enjoyed his guest commentary
+ Pierre Carl Ouellet vs WALTER: damn I love Walter. And now, damn I love PCO. This was one of the best BIG BOI matches I’ve seen, thanks to some incredible athleticism and a smoking hot crowd. PCO was able to stand and trade chops with Walter, and in the end this was one of my favourites matches of the whole wrestling weekend
+ James Ellsworth vs Matt Riddle: this was mostly comedy, or at least there was comedy in the match, but this was still short and exactly what you’d expect. I liked it, because I like both guys, but I understand if someone didn’t
+ Eli Everfly vs DJ Z vs Tony Deppen vs Gringo Loco vs KTB vs Teddy Hart: how about that; I go what must be years without seeing Teddy Hart and here he is twice in as many Indy shows I watch, but at leat he was much more crisp on this show. Deppen was a disgusting sleaze, Everfly was the fast one, and KTB brought the power, but every man had their chance to shine. An incredibly surprising finish brought a smile to my face

Joey Janela (w/ Penelope Ford) vs The Great Sasuke: man, this was everything that I wanted Gage/Pentagon to be. The crowd was rowdy, most definitely wasted beyond reproach, but you could tell it was late (I think it was around 3am at the time the main event finished). This was an average match, punctuated with a huge number of times someone nearly died, but it never managed to be anything other than that. The post-match was the most wholesome thing I’ve seen in far too long
Spring Break Clusterfuck: this was just… I don’t know. Your enjoyment of this will depend entirely on how long you can sit through the shit stuff. There was a small number of amusing moments, including some from guest commentator actor/comedian Ron Funches but overall this just went on for far too long
Nick Gage (c) vs Penta El Zero M (GCW Championship): on paper, this could have been a bloodbath, but unfortunately (or fortunately, if you’re squeamish) it was not. There was some good hardcore action, but it has to be said that this was a letdown based on the competitor’s reputations. The winner cut a hell of a promo, though. I don’t think I want to fight either of them

Should you watch this event: This really felt like a show of two halves; the first half of the show could have gone forever, and I would have loved it, but the second half was all down hill with disappointing or overly long matches that never lived up to their potential. Go out of your way to see Walter/PCO, but don’t bother with the rest unless you’re a huge fan already.


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