Movie Review: Don’t Kill It (2017)

Directed by Mike Mendez, Don’t Kill It is a 2017 horror movie starring Dolph Lundgren. Demon hunter Jebidiah Woodley (Lundgren) arrives in Mississippi on the trail of a demon from his past which causes it’s host to commit horrific acts of violence. FBI Agent Evelyn Pierce (Kristina Klebe) is also in town to investigate the murders, with the help of police Chief Dunham (Tony Bentley).

+ Lundgren is at the stage of his career now where a man of his age and stature makes perfect sense to be these sort of anti-heroes, and he can realistically pull of the old, wise, sick-of-this-shit characters. Jebediah Woodley was all of this stuff, and he would not have been out of place in an episode of Supernatural
+ one of Woodley’s small monologues about the various types of demons in the world is among the only highlights of this movie. I suppose Lundgren could get some credit, but most would have to go to the writers for coming up with a few things that all sound like more fun than the movie we got
+ I do have to admit, I was taken aback at the first violent spot in the movie, solely because I wasn’t expecting it to be just that gory. Once I knew what to expect it was a lot of fun seeing how they would one-up every next kill


– Klebe and Bentley as Pierce and Dunham, respectively, are both so awkward and robotic it is hard to ever feel anything for them, especially when they are on screen together. This is almost impressive, given how they are supposed to be old friends
– for a horror movie there was no scares, and for a comedy (see below) it was not funny. I don’t understand why these can’t just be ‘supernatural action’ movies instead

> the Wikipedia article for this movie (which is where I go to double check actor and character names, who the director was etc.) calls this a “comedy horror”, and I don’t think that’s right. There was nothing comedic about this movie at all, unless every joke simply fell flat for me

Should you see this film: Even as far as “random Netflix nights” go, this was pretty horrible. There was very little on offer here at all, even for someone like me who enjoys a spot of the ol’ ultraviolence. Give this a miss.


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