Movie Review: Escape Room (2017)

Directed by Will Wernick, Escape Room is a horror/thriller movie released in 2017. For Tyler’s (Evan Williams) 30th birthday, his girlfriend Christen (Elisabeth Hower) gets him and four friends – Natasha (Annabelle Stephenson), Anderson (Dan Johnson), Conrad (John Ierardi) and Tabby (Kelly Delson) – tickets to a mysterious escape room. With only one hour on the clock, the group must find clues, solve puzzles and TRY TO SURVIVE (dun dun dun).

+ the majority of the acting is hardly bad, but it certainly qualifies as awkward. In a few instances there might be cause for some tension between these friends, but that’s as much praise as I could give

From right: Tyler (Evan Williams), Anderson (Dan Johnson), Tabby (Kelly Delson), Conrad (John Ierardi) and Natasha (Annabelle Stephenson) inside the escape room.

– the plot is loose, though barely a plot at all, with what I think was supposed to be a twist ending coming across as stunted and out of nowhere. Some legitimate last minute revelations only add to the confusion, despite the background music making this out to be some huge revelation
– there appeared to be no such thing as subtlety from these writers or actors. You’ll guess a secret motive or two from literally the first interaction between some characters
– as mentioned, none of the acting was bad, except for Hower as Christen. It almost felt like she had recorded her scenes entirely separately from the rest of the cast, despite her being in the scene with everyone else

> I love escape rooms, so watching this was like a personal stab to my own face

Should you see this film: No. As soon as this started on my TV, my lounge-room turned into an escape room as I looked for any way to escape the situation I had found myself in. My ordeal lasted over 80 minutes.



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