Movie Review: The Funhouse Massacre (2015)

Released in 2015, The Funhouse Massacre is a slasher/horror movie directed by Andy Palmer. Warden Kane (horror legend Robert Englund) runs an off the grid asylum where five psychopaths are housed: Animal the Cannibal (E.E. Bell), Dr Suave (Sebastian Siegel), The Taxidermist (Clint Howard), Rocco the Clown (Mars Crain) and Manny the Prophet (Jere Burns, Justified). When the psychopaths escape on Halloween night, they head to a new haunted house attraction based on their historic crimes, and unbeknownst to the public, replace the actors set to play them.

+ none of the acting was offensively bad, but there was only one real standout. Jere Burns (Justified‘s Wynn Duffy) plays up his maniacal cult leader to perfection, going so over the top with it all you’ll be chuckling, if you’re not terrified
+ the silly humor was exactly to my liking. Visual gags (generally revolving around corpses…) and slapstick horror comedy really had me chuckling
+ there is so much over the top blood and gore, with a huge body count. Admittedly, some of the gore is genuinely a bit gruesome, but for the most part it is so over the top you won’t mind the gallons of blood around

Manny the Prophet (Jere Burns) is the standout of the escaped inmates.

– despite nothing being particularly bad, at the same time nothing was unique. Originality is rare in horror movies at the best of times, but even this seemed to be an amalgamation of as many other slasher/asylum escape/circus movies you can think of
– some of the psychopath characters bear such strong resemblance to famous characters, I almost wonder if this started as a sort of fan homage before morphing to what it is now

Should you see this film: Overall, this was a good watch for ‘background noise’. You won’t need to pay huge amounts of attention, because the plot doesn’t demand it, but if you’re looking for a huge body count and a lot of blood, this one will hit all your buttons.


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