Wrestling Review: WWE Mae Young Classic – Episode 9 (Live Final) (2017)

Please note: there are FULL spoilers for all of the prior eight episodes of the Mae Young Classic here. If you have yet to watch these episodes, read my spoiler free reviews found here.

It all comes down to this: two women, one chance to become the winner of the first ever WWE Mae Young Classic, live from Las Vegas. The Japanese pirate princess, Kairi Sane, will stand across the ring from the dangerous Queen of Spades, Shayna Baszler have outlasted 30 other women from across the planet and will go one-on-one to claim the mantle of tournament winner. Sane will look to drop her viscous elbow from the top rope, whilst Baszler will seek to utilize her submission prowess, with Baszler’s teammates in the Four Horsewomen of MMA – Jessamyn Duke, Marina Shaffir and the one and only Ronda Rousey – at ringside. Cast members of GLOW – including Kate Nash and former WWE superstar Kia Stevens – are also in the crowd, alongside three of the four Horsewomen of the WWE: Bayley, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

+ Kairi Sane vs Shayna Baszler (WWE Mae Young Classic Final): the opening portion of this match was counter upon counter, and it was fantastic to watch. Sane was the clear underdog throughout, as Baszler stalked and overpowered the significantly smaller Sane. This was a really good match, and my only complaint could be that it was a bit too short (or at least didn’t have the near-wins that build excitement). Either way, this was a fantastic final to a really good tournament

Kairi Sane had the more flamboyant entrance, but would that be enough to defeat the dangerous Shayna Baszler?

> it finally occurred to me who Baszler reminds me of; she wrestles like Low Ki does, and has the same ‘stalking’ fighting stance

Should you watch this event: This was a one match show, but damn if it wasn’t a fantastic match. Overall, this tournament was significantly better than expected, and made me a fan of several new competitors.



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