Movie Review: Incarnate (2016)

Directed by Brad Peyton, Incarnate is a 2016 horror movie. Seth Ember (Aaron Eckhart) is a jaded exorcist who lost his wife and young son in a car accident some years earlier, apparently caused by a demon with a personal grudge whom he dubs “Maggie”. As he completes his work with his assistants Oliver (Keir O’Donnell) and Riley (Emily Jackson), he is approached by a representative of the Vatican, Camilla Marquez (Catalina Sandino Moreno) who asks him to help a young boy, Cameron (David Mazouz, Gotham). When Dr Ember suspects the entity in the young boy to be Maggie, he accepts the offer.

– despite featuring some talented actors, none were anything special at all. Eckhart was a cliched jaded exorcist (somewhere between Keavu Reeves in Constantine and Mel Gibson in Signs), and his two teammates were just Constantine‘s Chas (one just happened to be a woman). Mazouz being possessed is the same as any possession horror movie ever. Carice van houten (Game of Thrones) was wasted as Cameron’s mother, and Matt Nable (Ras al Ghul from TV’s Arrow) was severely limited in his role as Cameron’s father
– the plot could literally just be described as “The Cell… but with demons”, or if you like the mash ups, “The Cell meets Constantine“. There was very little originality in any characters or story elements here
– the film was not scary. Even builds to jump scares did nothing to me, as I sat here watching this in the dark, alone at night. One bad cgi/body suit entity towards the end made me cringe more than anything

LOUD NOISE! JUMP SCARE! Still not scary.

> WWE wrestling Mark Henry made an appearance. I wish the movie was just him trash talking demons for 90 minutes as he put them through tables

Should you see this film: This was horrible; not scary, not exciting and certainly not original. There were only two good things about this movie: Carice van Houten being ridiculously good looking (but there’s no surprise there), and me learning a new song from the credits.

It was Sail, by AWOLNATION.


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