Wrestling Review: NJPW Best of the Super Juniors (2017) (Day 10)

Four more matches from New Japan Pro Wrestling’s (NJPW) 24th annual Best of the Super Juniors tournament are now available. Day 10 features four more matches from the A Block of the tournament, and will see Jushin Liger attempt to get his first win of the tournament as he faces off against Dragon Lee. Hiromu Takahashi will battle Marty Scurll, while Ricochet faces TAKA Michinoku and Taichi will get in the ring with the “Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay. All four matches are available on demande via NJPW World, and were filmed at the New Sunpia Takasaki Hotel in Gunma, Japan.

+ Dragon Lee vs Jushin Thunder Liger (Block A Match): this was a very short match which still managed to work the crowd into a frenzy. Lee is so smooth, but damn, Liger still has such a good powerbomb. This was short but sweet, and continued to tell a good story for both men involved

– Hiromu Takahashi vs Marty Scurll (Block A Match): maybe it was the single camera format, but I struggled to keep my attention on this match. A fair bit of action took place on either side of the ring, and the crowd was mostly quiet until the big spots happened. Gosh Marty swears a lot, doesn’t he?
– Taichi vs Will Ospreay (Block A Match): more Suzuki-gun shenanigans for Taichi and the boys, some crazy high flying from Ospreay… I feel like I have seen all of this before. Maybe it is the ever-day nature of the BOSJ, but this match was like a retread of every other match so far
– Ricochet vs TAKA Michinoku (Block A Match): the chain wrestling at the beginning of this match was fantastic, but once the action picked up it was just another match. I was looking forward to this one, and it didn’t quite reach my expectations

Should you watch this event: It must be because this it getting late in the tournament, but only the Dragon Lee/Liger match managed to keep me interested. The remaining matches all felt like retreads of what I have already seen over these past days. Watch Lee/Liger, but don’t bother with the rest; if you’ve seen them before, you’ll know how the match was.


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