Wrestling Review: WWE UK Championship Special (2017)

From Norwich England, the superstars of both the WWE UK division and 205 Live present a very special look at the upcoming United Kingdom Special weekly show. Tyler Bate, the young, new face of the United Kingdom division, will defend his championship against the high-flying Mark Andrews, in a match where the winner will also be defending the title at NXT TakeOver: Chicago in just two days time. The champions opponent, however, will also be decided, as the sometimes-allies of Trent Seven and Pete Dunne go face-to-face with a title shot on the line. Wolfgang, Joseph Conners, Rich Swann and The Brian Kendrick are also in action, with all the scoops from in and out of the ring being called by England’s own Nigel McGuinness and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross.

+ Tyler Bate (c) vs Mark Andrews (WWE UK Championship): simply put, this was a really, really good match. There was some, but not much, flashy attacks, and a few, but not too many, big moves kept things interesting. Once these two hit the home stretch, they pulled out all stops to end things in incredible fashion. Each of Bate’s title defenses have been so impressive, and Andrews presented a really different style to the previous challengers, and this worked really well
+ Trent Seven vs Pete Dunne (No. 1 Contendership for the UK Championship): Pete Dunne will be a huge star in the WWE one day, though I hope he is not relegated to some side-show division like the cruiserweights or a UK-only scene. Seven is fantastic, too, and the two managed to put on a great match, even if I don’t really feel the “strong style” or “fighting spirit” thing outside of Japan
+ TJP & The Brian Kendrick vs Rich Swann & Dan Moloney: there was a fair bit of comedy/misdirection in this match, and I’m not sure if that was the way to go with Moloney, who should have either a) been better, or used this opportunity to get better, or b) not been booked in the first place. Swann, TJP and Kendrick were all fine, as you’d expect, which at least made this a watchable match
+ gosh darn it was amazing to hear Jim Ross back on commentary; he really does make every other major commentator (except maybe Corey Graves) sound like amateurs

– Wolfgang vs Joseph Conners: a very even, back and forth match up, this was about average in terms of ring action, but the crowd was having none of it. A few chants for either man was surrounded by either silence or some silly chanting. I remember being impressed with Wolfgang in the UK Tournament, but that was not quite on display here
– the crowd was fine about 30% of the time, but the remaining time they were unbearably full of themselves. A few stupid chants really ruined the atmosphere (though I am glad the “TNA” chant was shot down near immediately)

> It was strange to have a number one contenders match on the show, because the title match for TakeOver: Chicago had already been made, and was advertised on the weekly shows before this special aired. I’ll put that down to bad timing on the WWEs part.

Should you watch this event: This was only 90 minutes long, and that short length, with four matches, really made this an easy show to watch. With the first match at least being good as background noise, the following three are all worth watching, with the main event being worth seeking out on it’s own.

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