Wrestling Review: PWR Pancakes and Piledrivers (2017)

Live on April 1 2017, just a few nights before they go head to head with WrestleCircus, The Pro Wrestling Revolver (PWR) presents Pancakes and Piledrivers. There’s no double meaning to the title of the show: sponsored by IHOP, there were pancakes on sale to fans all night, and between stars like Sami Callihan, Penta El Zero M and Michael Elgin there was always sure to be a few piledrivers.

+ Twins (Sami Callihan & Brian Cage) The Lucha Bros (Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero M): an incredible fast paced match up, this started at 100% and never slowed down. Lots and lots of close calls had me on the edge of my seat, and the various kicks, slaps, slams and drops looked, and often sounded, absolutely deadly. This was easily the match of the show
+ David Starr vs Jeff Cobb: this was the opening contest, and it was a really enjoyable technical match with a good ending. This was easily the best in terms of the in-ring product, and ended up being the overall second best match on the show

– AR Fox defends the PWR Scramble Title (11-Man Ladder Match): this was a crazy clusterbomb, and nothing else, but it was at least watchable. Everyone had the chance to get their spots in, and it will satiate the fans who like the high flying stuff, but to me it was just too straight forward
– Ricochet vs Shane Strickland: Ricochet dodged Stricklands killshots with the agility of a puma, but despite the pre-match hype videos, and the supposedly ‘intense rivalry’ brewing between the two, something about this match never really clicked for me. Whether I expected more, or these two were saving something for another match down the road I can’t say, but it was average at best, which is a real shame
– OI4K (Jake & Dave Crist) vs Angelico & Jack Evans: this was mostly just a comedy match for Evans’ birthday, and Evans is still not fully healed from a leg injury. As with Evans/Angelico’s match from the WreslteCon Super Show, this was a very limited showing from Evans, but the various props available made for some laughs at least
– Eddie Kingston vs Krugar (No DQ Match): this was a one sided demolition, and it really did make me feel bad for the receiver of the beatdown. It was good to see Krugar in action (the former Adam Rose), but this was no replacement for the scheduled Masato Tanaka/Kingston match
– ACH vs Dezmond Xavier vs Michael Elgin vs Moose vs Matt Palmer: this was enjoyable, although it has to be said this was a bit sloppy. The various styles – Elgin and Moose with power, ACH and Xavier with the high flying, and Palmer with a more technical style – meshed well enough, but overall this was very forgettable

Penta El Zero M, Brian Cage, Sami Callihan and Rey Fenix had the match of the night.

— “Manscout” Jake Manning vs Su Yung: Manning and Yung are all gimmick, and neither are made for good wrestling. This was a horrendous display, and I am embarrassed to have had to sit through it, let alone write about it

Should you watch this event: I’ll admit, this was the first PWR show I’ve seen (and I watched it back to back with the WrestleCircus show from after Wrestlemania) and it was pretty much what I expected; little to no story in most matches, and generally okay wrestling outside of those who always perform — Callihan, Penta and Cobb were fantastic, as always. But, with only two or three of the matches being listed as positives above, this was a mostly missable show.


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