Wrestling Review: WCPW Exit Wounds (2017)

From Northumbria University Students’ Union Arena in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, UK, available in full on WCPW’s Youtube channelWhat Culture Pro Wrestling presents Exit Wounds. Drew Galloway continues his incredible run as champion as he defends against the newly crowned WCPW Tag Team Champion Will Ospreay. Will the Aerial Assassin Ospreay be able to out-fly the ground and pound champion, or will Galloway cement himself as an unbeatable champion? Also not to be missed, following on from the I Quit match at True Destiny, Primate and Rampage will continue their best of seven series, as Primate attempts to tie the series at 3-all, while Rampage does his best to win the series outright. With a WCPW World Championship title shot at the Wrestlemania weekend show awaiting the winner, you know these two big boys won’t hold anything back. With two more title matches, a Ring of Honor showcase, a Revolution Pro Wrestling showcase match and a plethora of WCPW talent also on the show, this is a must-see event. Commentary for the event is handled by Matt Striker and, replacing Jim Ross, Dave Bradshaw.

+ Drew Galloway (c) vs Will Ospreay (WCPW World Championship): another wild start, on a show seemingly full of them, set the pace. Rapid fire assault from both men, strikes from Galloway and aerial offense from Ospreay. Some mid-match shenanigans kept things interesting, and a few separate fantastic sequences, including an almost unbelievable ending, cemented this as another fantastic showing from Galloway and Ospreay both
+ Rampage vs Primate (James R. Kennedy) (Chain Match) (Match #6 of Best of Seven Series): this really has been such a good series; two big boys whacking the crap out of each other in various match types with a title shot on the line. Having the chain here was not quite as big a deal as I would have liked, but this still had the hard hits I was hoping for
+ Marty Scurll vs David Starr: like the ROH showcase earlier, this was a Revolution Pro Wrestling showcase match (even though Scurll is the current ROH TV champion). some very slick chain wrestling started the match off, but there was also some strange comedy-esque moments. I couldn’t quite tell who was the good guy and who was the bad guy in this match, and it often felt like a battle between two mostly-bad guys. Scurll is so good, from the entrance theme to the jacket to the finger snap
+ Cody Rhodes (c) vs Liam Slater (WCPW Internet Championship): a very, very fast start brought the crowd into a frenzy, but soon gave way to a more average style of match. Cody’s busting out a few random New Japan wrestlers’ finishers was surprising (I saw a Rainmaker and a P.K., to name but two). Slater is somewhat bland in terms of looks, but he can certainly go in the ring and at only 23 years old he is definitely one to watch. The chemistry between Cody and Slater was impressive, and overall this was a good match
+ a scathing promo from Prestige (Coffey, Banks and Hendry) may not have had the desired effect, thanks to an unruly crowd, but it certainbly had the emotion behind it. I’m a big believer in well placed swear words, and this certainly had one
+ The Prestige (Joe Coffey & Travis Banks) (w/Joe Hendry) vs El Ligero & Gabriel Kidd (w/Prince Ameen): Prestige followed on from their scathing promo with this pretty solid match; Ligero is so quick and fluid, and always a joy to watch and though not quite as good, Kidd is not to shabby himself. All three of Prestige are such good bad guys, Coffey in particular is really great at being the dominant, sleazy douchebag
+ Silas Young vs Delirious: a Ring of Honor showcase match, I can’t even remember the last time I saw Delirious wrestle. This match had some comedy, some standard Delirious shenanigans, and some very, very impressive movement from Silas Young. I liked it, although it was just a showcase; I can’t imagine there being any lasting effects from this

– Bea Priestley (c) vs Kay Lee Ray (WCPW Women’s Championship): wow Kay Lee Ray is a cutie; I don’t think I’ve seen her before. A wicked German Suplex left me speechless, and I was entirely into this match before the ending. Depending on your point of view, that was an intentional ending choice, but for me it all fell a bit flat
– Bad Bones & Drake (w/ James R. Kennedy) vs Prospect (Alex Gracie & Lucas Archer): Bad Bones was the obvious standout in this match… for all the wrong reasons. Although none were particularly amazing, Bones just seemed to be one step behind everyone. A solid ending gave some credibility to the match, but overall this was short and somewhat meaningless (which makes for two in a row I’ve said that for Bones)
– Martin Kirby announces the new WCPW General Manager: the announcement itself was pretty slow and meandering, but the post-announcement shenanigans were enjoyable. Overall, this didn’t need to take up as much time as it did

> Striker has supreme wrestling knowledge, but I can never decide if I like his commentary style or not. His constant name dropping of trainers, moves or other promotions is somewhat overbearing
> It sounds somewhat petty, but I find it difficult to listen to commentators with lisps or other speech impediments. Bradshaw, the second man on commentary, has a prominent lisp and it just sometimes really grinds my ears

Should you watch this event: Aside from a few wonky low-card matches, this was relatively solid overall. Galloway and Ospreay put on a hell of a main event, and both Scurll/Starr and Cody/Slater are well worth watching as well.


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