Game Review: Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition

Release date: 2009 (Original), 2014 (Ultimate Edition)
Version played: Xbox One in 2017

New and specially improved over the base version, Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition was released on the Xbox One in 2014. Now playing at 60 frames per second, players take control of an unnamed driver as he navigates the streets of a city in the midst of a widespread zombie outbreak, performing actions for the government or army, such as rescuing trapped civilians or clearing out zombie nests. Players can unlock, and further upgrade, numerous vehicles, ranging from a taxi or limo to a bulldozer or tank. Weapons such as miniguns, rocket launcher and flamethrowers are available, along with health pickups, as icons in the city overworld, and the game is presented in a top-down view, not unlike Grand Theft Auto 2.

+ the gameplay is very simple – drive around and kill zombies in order to complete various objectives – but it is so satifsying powersliding round a corner, through a horde of the undead in a limousine with miniguns strapped to it’s front that you’ll forgive the straight forward mechanics and just enjoy the outcomes (by which I mean huge red smears on the road)
+ the story has it’s share of twist and turns, though you’ll likely have guessed a few of them before the campaign is complete
+ the game includes two other game modes: Blood Race tournaments, which are like something from the Death Race movie series, and Slaughter mode, where the goal is to kill as many zombies as you can before your car is destroyed. Both are fun, in their own way, though as mentioned below they don’t replace the open city of the story campaign

– even after completing the story, there was no free driving mode. Even if no further experience/money could be gained, I’d have liked the option to drive around the city in any of the unlocked cars
– there are only four weapons (miniguns, rocket launcher, flamethrower and a top secret military project). I don’t really know what else to add, but having only the four made the game feel far too limited

Should you play this game: I bought this on sale for ~$6 (Australian dollars), and as far as that goes it was certainly worth it for a few days of fun. The current price tag of over three times that might be a bit of a stretch, however. Get this if it is on sale, and I think you’ll have a blast.

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