Movie Review: Jason Bourne (2016)

The fifth film in the series, and the fourth to feature Matt Damon as the titular character, Jason Bourne is a 2016 action/thriller film. Paul Greengrass returns to the franchise for the third time as director (following The Bourne Supremacy (2004), The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)), and the film mostly ignores (or only passingly references) the events of the Jeremy Renner-led fourth film. The film’s story is that of Jason Bourne’s resurfacing, thanks to Nicky Parson (a returning Julia Stiles) finding his locations, and the head of the CIA, Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones) attempting to bring him in. Alicia Vikander also stars as CIA cyber expert Heather Lee, and Vincent Cassel takes the role of The Asset, a former agent turned assassin working for CIA director Dewey.

+ Matt Damon as Jason Bourne is older, angrier and perhaps less content with the world around him as he used to be. Damon recaptures his kick-ass attitude from the previous trilogy, with the new edge you could expect from someone who has been on the run for years. He has a perpetual scowl which seems to effortlessly flip between anger and confusion
+ Alicia Vikander as CIA operative Heather Lee, gets a more substantial role than that in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Tommy Lee Jones is always such a presence, and his role as CIA Director Dewey is fantastic
+ the action is still hard hitting and intense. The brawls between Bourne and The Asset are full of hits you’ll feel through the screen. The lasting bruises and scars from scene to scene are something I enjoy but don’t usually see

– no Jeremy Renner, Edward Norton or Rachel Weisz from The Bourne Legacy was not necessarily surprising, but still something I would have liked, even in just cameo roles
– the plot was less ‘action’ than the original trilogy, and more into the new style of spy thrillers films centering around social media and privacy. The technology aspect of the film actually reminded me a lot of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

> it’s funny that the plot of this film was so ‘social media’ and ‘privacy’ related, since I am currently playing Watch_Dogs 2, which has a very similar running theme

Should you see this film: It is not that this film is bad, it is just that the original trilogy were so damned good. This movie was perfectly serviceable, but in the grand scheme of things, somewhat unnecessary. I don’t know of anyone who wanted another entry in the series, but I can’t think anyone will be disappointed with what is on offer. Watch it if you were a fan of the other movies.

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