Movie Review: ARQ (2016)

Directed by Tony Elliot, ARQ is a sci-fi thriller released in 2016 as a Netflix original film. Robbie Amell (The Flash) is Renton, who along with Hannah (Jessica Jones‘ Rachael Taylor) must thwart a home invasion. After falling down the stairs and dying, Renton reawakes in his bed just as the events repeat themselves, and he soon discovers that time is looping. Renton must figure out what is going on, whilst trying to prove to Hannah he is not crazy.

+ both Amell and Taylor are fine, able to elicit the desired reactions from us, the audience, due to their actions. Taylor in particular again following Jessica Jones, shows she is more than just a pretty face. I was not overly thrilled with Amell on The Flash, but here he is seemingly given a bit more to work with, and as such he impresses
+ the sci-fi plot is interesting, with enough mini-twists to keep it interesting. I was expecting some tired tropes to pop up towards the end, but I was left pleasantly surprised

– there is some hinted at backstory stuff, but it is given little to no real fleshing out. One sequence in particular looks like the film will have a large tonal shift, but it just goes straight on back to what we (and the characters) expect

Should you see this film: I enjoyed this film. I am a sucker for time-travel/looping paradox stories in general, and there was enough new or interestingly-done twists on the genre to make this worth a watch


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