Movie Review: Most Likely To Die (2016)


It’s the night before a 10-year high school reunion and someone’s been holding a grudge. Directed by Anthony DiBlasi, Most Likely To Die is a 2016 slasher film. Gaby (Heather Morris, Glee), a professional Poker player, dreading seeing her old high-school crush, and now worldwide Tv action hero, Brad (Ryan Doom) at their ten year reunion. Also present are DJ, the class clown (Chad Addison) Freddie (Perez Hilton), a former alcoholic and the jock, Lamont (Johnny Ramey). One by one, former classmates are slain in ways befitting their yearbook superlatives, but just who will be Most Likely… TO DIE.

+ none of the acting is particularly bad, but none of it will blow you away. Main protagonist Gaby (Heather Morris) is thankfully the best of the bunch
+ the plot is cheesy, and hearkens back to the slasher movies of the late 90s, such as Scream, with it’s hooded villain and high-school plot (even though we are ten years on, at this point)

– once it’s all said and done, nothing unique at all happened in this film. You’ll feel like you’ve seen it all before

> Director Anothony DiBlasi also helmed the horror films Last Shift and Dread, both of which were in my opinion underrated movies. The former, in particular, I found to be particularly good
> Gosh darn I hate Perez Hilton.

Should you see this film: This film was the absolute definition of average. Nothing here was bad, but nothing was anything better than ‘good’. As far as random Netflix picks go, this could have been far worse. Put it on your list, but don’t bend over backwards to see it.

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