Movie Review: Hell & Back (2015)


Hell & Back is a 2015 stop-motion animated comedy directed by Tom Gianas. In the film, Remy (Nick Swardson) and Augie (TJ Miller) travel to hell in order to save their friend Curt (Rob Riggler) after he breaks a blood oath on a Satanic Bible. Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul) also lends his voice, as Satan himself, as he attempts to impress his crush, the Heavenly Angel Barb (Susan Sarandon).

+ the voice acting is very well done. The main trio of Swarsdon, Miller and Odenkirk are the selling points, and all deliver nicely. Mila Kunis and Danny McBride also voice characters, Kunis in particular using her voice-acting experience well
+ this is a nice looking film, with an interesting style; I may be biased because I am a fan of stop motion films in general (I find the patience required fascinating)
+ there was only one recurring joke which made me consistently laugh (“Welcome to hell”)

– simply put, the film is not very funny. The Netflix tag of “adult humour” seems to just mean a generous serving of F-bombs and a running gag where the punchline is ‘rape’. To me, that is just not funny

Should you see this film: I watched this on Netflix on a whim, and frankly I wish I hadn’t bothered. The film was not funny, and it’s plot boiled down a climax I was not impressed with in many ways.

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