Movie Review: He Never Died (2015)

Jack (Henry Rollins) is immortal, and a cannibal, who sticks to a tight routine to keep his urges in check. But when his daughter Andrea (Jordan Todosey) gets into trouble, his routine is broken, and he must return to some of his old ways to help her. He Never Died is a 2015 action/thriller/horror/very black comedy film directed by Jason Krawczyk.

+ Henry Rollins is fantastic as Jack, and it is his deadpan delivery and near obliviousness to the violence around him which provides most of the laughs. Rollins’ really nails the ‘I’m too old for this crap’ attitude you’d expect of of someone who fought in World War 1 (I wonder how much of that was acting…)
+ I’m not sure if I’d go so far as to call this a black comedy, necessarily, but lots of dark spots you can’t help but chuckle at, only helped by Rollins’ deadpan delivery
+ Jack’s friend and ally Jeremy (Booboo Stewart, X-Men: Days of Future Past) and daughter Andrea (Jordan Todosey) were admittedly more minor characters than it originally appears, but both are obviously talented actors. Todosey in particular I was not familiar with, but her performance was able to draw me in effectively
+ all throughout I had one question on my mind in regards to what was going on, and you probably will to, but rest assured it will be answered

– Steven Ogg (Grand Theft Auto V‘s Trevor) was somewhat underutilised as Alex, an old crime boss Jack has had dealings with in the past. Ogg has shown in both GTA and Better Call Saul he can bring intensity and character, but it was not really on display here. Overall, I felt he was somewhat bland

> Supposedly there is a TV mini-series in development to continue the story and/or answer some more questions, which certainly should be good. The movie stands on its own, certainly, but more of this story is only a good thing

Should you see this film: Yes. As far as violent revenge movies go, this may just be the funniest film in the genre. Rollins’ deadpan humour is worth a watch in itself, but you’ll still be caught up in the story.

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