Movie Review: Emelie (2015)


When his parents go out for their lucky number thirteen wedding anniversary, Jacob’s (Joshua Rush) parents hire a babysitter, much to Jacob’s chagrin.  But when Anna (Sarah Bolger, The Lazarus Effect) takes charge, she forces Jacob and his siblings Sally (Carly Adams) and  Christopher (Thomas Bair) into some dangerous, and entirely unacceptable ‘games’. Emelie is a 2015 horror/thriller film directed by Michael Thelin.

+ Sarah Bolger as the titular babysitter is at times very unnerving. Her piercing eyes and sly smirk are often at odds with her character’s actions, so you’ll always know when something is not quite right
+ the entire atmosphere of the film seems poised to explode, from a particularly intense opening up to about the two-third mark

– unfortunately, after that two-third mark, the film devolves into a standard horror affair
– none of the three children are particularly interesting (they are just young children, after all) and aside from the obviously horrible things the babysitter does, there is not much reason to otherwise care about them. I do think the film was banking on the fact that the victims are children to create drama, rather than character development
– some interesting plot developments elsewhere are shoved in at the last minute, with little time or effort set to resolving them

> something about Sarah Bolger reminds me of Natalie Dormer. I think it’s the mouth/smile

Should you see this film: Overall, Emelie starts well but loses steam once the details become clear. Too often I find myself drawn into the hypothetical outcomes and then let down by the actual endings, and unfortunately this was no exception. Give it a single viewing, but try not to think too much into it before you are told what’s happening anyway.

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