Movie Review: Ava’s Possessions (2015)

Ava’s Possessions is a supernatural horror/comedy/mystery film directed by Jordan Galland. It stars Louisa Krause as Ava, who must put her life back together after being possessed, by attending Spirit Possessions Anonymous (like AA meetings, but the demons are more literal). As part of her steps to recovery, she must track down everyone she interacted with, and try to make amends wherever possible. If you want, think of it like “The Hangover, but instead of alcohol it was demons”.

+ main actress Louisa Krause as titular Ava is enjoyable to watch. It was easy to believe she was just a young girl caught up in all this, and she had the passive-aggressive sarcasm thing down pat. She reminded me of Kirsten Dunst, in a few ways
+ the horror segments of the film are quite intense, and small glimpses of the supernatural elements keep the story going. Similarly, the mystery side of things are great, with twists and turns able to keep me interested as they developed
+ the movie joins recent horror-esque films It Follows and The Final Girls with it’s neo-80s aesthetic and unclear time period setting, in part due to never getting clear views of the mobile phones or cars being used

– the plot is interesting, but also quite convoluted. A few characters come and go but never quite seem to be as important as the film would have you believe

Should you see this film: As far as horror movies go, there was not much on offer here. But I found the film unique enough, and engaging on the mystery side of things to warrant at least a single viewing.

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