Movie Review: Cabin Fever (2016)


A “re-imagining”, meaning remake-ish, of the 2002 film of the same name, Cabin Fever is a 2016 horror film directed by Travis Z, based on the original script by Eli Roth. When a group of kids head up to a cabin in the woods for some drunken debauchery, things take a turn for the gruesome when a flesh eating virus begins to infect each of them.

+ the blood and gore is enjoyable, if only because it is far more serious than previous films. There is still gratuitous blood vomits all over the place, but these are that little bit chunkier than previous films

– the acting is horrible. Only two of the main cast can be described as competent (Matthew Daddario as Jeff and Gage Golightly as Karen), and the rest seem content to get by on cliches and screams
– this really is the exact same film I saw over a dozen years ago, bt without any of the charm. Compared to something like the original Evil Dead to its remake, and the film’s shortcomings become far too apparent

> the cabin/lake area looks nearly identical to the setting of Zombeavers. I wonder if it was the same place?

Should you see this film: No. Whilst re-watching the 2002 film is almost a case of ‘so bad it’s good’, watching a film in 2016 doing the same things and falling into the same cliches is just not a good way for anyone to spend their time. I’d almost rather get this disease. Almost.

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