Movie Review: Final Girl (2015)


Directed by Tyler Shields in his directorial debut, Final Girl is a 2015 thriller starring Abigail Breslin (Zombieland, Haunter) as Veronica, a girl trained from a young age by William (Wes Bentley) to kill a group of high school boys who hunt down their female classmates. Veronica goes with the boys, led by the surprisingly suave Jameson (Alexander Ludwig), into the woods, where the would-be hunters quickly become the hunted.

+ Abigail Breslin is great as the damsel in distress, but not quite as effective once the tables are turned. Her wide, blue eyes make for great contrast against the otherwise gloomy setting
+ each of the antagonist crew have their moment to shine, so to speak, though Logan Huffman as the seriously deranged Daniel is the clear standout. Alexander Ludwig is made for the role of leader Jameson, however
+ the various cutaways to the antagonists’ home lives are… unnerving. It is hard to tell how real these are, and even more so with other events in the film, but they are certainly very off-putting. the film’s time period is somewhat unclear, which really does add to the uncomfortable atmosphere

– the plot is quite contained, and there are lots of questions left unanswered. It was almost as if they had the idea of the forest hunt, and added a minimal story around it just for padding-out the run time

> Alexander Ludwig also starred in the similarly named (and significantly better) The Final Girls, though these could not be further apart in terms of plot.

Should you see this film: No. A simple but effective premise is marred by bland action, not least of all because I cannot take Abigail Breslin seriously as a badass. The film was not scary as a horror, nor thrilling as a thriller, and too many unanswered questions left a bad taste in my mouth.

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