Movie Review: Deadly Home (aka Shut In, aka The Intruders) (2015)


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Also known as Shut In or The Intruders (depending where you live – personally, I’d have gone with Shut In), Deadly Home is the 2016 directorial debut of Adam Schindler. After the death of her brother, Anna Rook (Beth Riesgraf) is confined to her house due to severe agoraphobia, with her only outside contact coming from her meal delivery boy Dan (Rory Culkin). After skipping her brother’s funeral, Anna is home when her house is broken into, and with the option to escape out of the question, Anna must fight back.

+ Beth Riesgraf as agoraphobic Anna Rook is amazing, portraying her character’s various emotions very effectively throughout even after the ‘escalation’ (you’ll know what I mean)
+ Martin Starr as Perry Cuttner, the man in charge of the three who break in. He is a bad, bad man, and that will become very clear, very soon, in a way that made me nearly jump from my chair in shock and anger
+ all throughout various moments and off-hand remarks start adding up, and when it finally clicks what is going on, it is an absolutely horrifying revelation
+ Rory Culkin as Dan Cooper is Anna’s main link to the outside world, and his various jokes are punctuated by some seemingly genuine laughter. I found him oddly endearing, even as the film evolved

– a large amount of very full on, realistic violence made me sqirm a few times. I don’t mind a spot of the old ultraviolence, but a few things in this movie were too much for even me

> the ‘not an easy target’ part of the film’s official blurb is surprisingly similar to the same tagline from recently reviewed Hush It is a big more poignant here…

Should you see this film: If you don’t have a weak stomach, then perhaps more than any of the other recent horror movies, this deserves a viewing. But I cannot stress enough, this is not for the faint of heart.

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