Movie Review: The Good Dinosaur (2015)


After a lengthy waiting process, Disney Pixar has finally released their ‘Untitled Movies About Dinosaurs’ in the form of 2015s The Good Dinosaur. After an asteroid heading for Earth misses, Dinosaurs are left alive, and able to flourish and adapt, even going so far as to create their own farms. When Arlo (Raymond Ochoa), a small (in age, not size) apatosaurus is swept down river away from his dino-family’s farm, he must attempt to conquer his fears to get home, with the help of a small and unexpected ally (spoiler: it’s a human kid).

+ the voice cast is full of (relatively, for a Pixar movie) un-famous names, which in absolutely no way hinders the film at all. Sam Elliot (General Ross from 2003’s Hulk, and the other ‘Ron’ from Parks and Recreation) is probably my personal favourite as a cowboy-esque T-Rex
+ the film looks absolutely beautiful. I can’t remember an animated film with environments which look so good. Although the characters are not as impressive, they are still nothing to scoff at
+ the story is quite dark for a children’s movie, with a few scares and a surprisingly touching moment between Arlo and Spot involving some sticks (though, admittedly, it’s importance may be lost on younger viewers)

– this was obviously targeted towards children, rather than children AND adults as something like Toy Story or Inside Out was

> I’m still not quite sure what the title means; Arlo was good, but not in comparison to another ‘bad’ dinosaur. And Arlo was good, but not ‘great’ at anything. Maybe I am missing something. Or I’m just overthinking it.

Should you see this film: It saddens me to say, but no. There was very little that makes this film stand out, as it was basically a human/animal flipped version of the first Ice Age film, which came first and did it better.


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