Movie Review: Batman: Bad Blood (2016)


Following on soon after the events of previous animated film Batman Vs. Robin, Batman: Bad Blood takes a different approach and lets the Bat-family take center stage. After Batman (Jason O’Mara) is caught in an explosion by protecting Batwoman (Yvonne Strahovski) from an unknown, masked assailant, Batwoman must get help from Damien Wayne / Robin (Stuart Allen) and Dick Grayson / Nightwing (Sean Maher) to find out what has happened. But of course, a colourful cast of rogues (including personal, often-overlooked  favourite The Mad Hatter) led by an old adversary stand in the heroes’ way.

+ the fight animations are smoother than ever, with ever punch and kick being seemingly drawn based on real techniques. Seeing Batwoman fighting with some Equilibrium style gun-kata style is incredibly satisfying
+ it is refreshing to have a Batman movie not entirely focused around Batman; giving Batwoman, Robin and Nightwing more time to shine helps to flesh out both their own characters, and their relationships with Batman himself
+ the film is particularly violent. A few very heavy hits may leave you wincing. Furthermore, a surprising number of characters end up dead…

– due the film being animated (and for children, more or less) lots of details are glossed over or sort of only half presented, such as Batwoman being gay or the events that led to Kate Kane becoming Batwoman

> A throwaway line from a news report is potentially hinting at some big changes coming!

Should you see this film: After Gods and Monsters took things to an Elseworld, this was a refreshing return to the Gotham we all know and love. The fight animations are almost a reason to see this film themselves, but I think you’ll find yourself enjoying the film as a whole. Give this at least one viewing.

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