Movie Review: Last Shift (2014)

In this 2014 horror film, Juliana Harkavy plays Jessica Loren, a rookie policewoman tasked with covering the final shift of a soon-to-be permanently closed police station. After a quick run in with her superior, she is told that under no circumstance can she leave her post. Considering I said this was a horror, rest assured some spooky stuff starts happening during this station’s Last Shift.

+ Juliana Harkavy’s Jessica Loren is a very relatable character, and her ractions to the event unfolding around her are beliavable. She’s very easy to watch (not solely because she’s bloody gorgeous!) and very easy to get behind
+ the entire film is set in the single location of the police station, which creates a very real sort of claustrophobia and tension, when the layout we come to know doesn’t quite stay consistent
+ perhaps most importantly, the movie is pretty damn scary. There are a few plain old jump scares, but for the most part things play out normally until that one little twist makes you rethink everything you’ve just seen and heard

– I’ll admit the ending is a little cliched

Should you see this film: Yeah. This was a solid horror film, which didn’t rely entirely on cheap scares or an over-written plot. Give this a watch at your next movie night.


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