Wrestling Review: WWE Survivor Series (2015)


When Seth Rollins injured his knee just a few weeks ago, a tournament was set up to crown the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The tournament has had its ups and downs, but it all comes down to three matches: Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio, Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens, and the winners of each match going one on one for the biggest title in the company. Not to be outdone, this event also marks the 25th anniversary of the debut of the Undertaker, who will have his own battle ahead of him, in the form of a tag match, alongside his brother Kane, against any two of the disturbed Wyatt Family.

+ Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio (tournament semi-final): admittedly, this was not a horrible match. Reigns played the power guy against Del Rio’s more technical performance, which I think is exactly what Reigns needs to do. A few false finishes kept it interesting, before an admittedly predictable final sequence gave us a winner
+ Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens (tournament semi-final): fantastic match. Two guys that obviously know their way around the ring putting on a classic. Both guys also have great characters, which payed nicely into the story of the match. Both winner and loser came out looking great

– WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament final: it’s hard to give a proper review for the match without spoiling the winners of the semi-finals, but the short of it is that this match was pretty bad. It felt rushed, from the very beginning, and both guys seemed more intent to get their moves on rather than use any real psychology. Winner and loser both looks like chumps
– Undertaker/Kane vs The Wyatt Family: Half the build up to this match was which two of the Wyatts would be in the match, or if it would indeed be two-on-two at all, and the eventual outcome was admittedly a bit anti climactic. The match itself was slow, and really showed the age of the Brother of Destruction, without really doing anything for the other team at all. An expected ending only added to the feeling that things could have, and should have, been so much better
– Paige vs Charlotte (c) (WWE Divas Championship): by all that is good on God’s green Earth, this entire feud has been one of the worst things I have ever seen… and then they brought up Charlotte’s dead brother for some cheap heat. And then, sensing that maybe they shouldn’t have, they removed all mention of it from the hype videos. So basically, this feud was stupid, the hype package was stupid and the match was horrible. Avoid like the plague
– Dudley Boyz/Titus O’Neil/Neville/Goldust vs The Ascension/The Miz/Bo Dallas/Stardust (Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination match): This was on the pre-show, and was obviously the ‘throw the people not on the card into a match’ match, and it showed in its participants. The match was nothing good or bad, and only Titus O’Neil manage to get any real reaction out of the crowd, and the choice of people to be eliminated was interesting in a bad way
– Ryback/Lucha Dragons/The Usos vs The New Day/Sheamus/Barrett (Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination match): once again, the New Day opening promo is one of the highlights of the event. Another frustrating match that makes everyone in it look bad, and they just keep happening
– Tyler Breeze (w/ Summer) vs Dolph Ziggler: this match was unfortunately quite slow, and didn’t really do anything for either guy. The winner didn’t win convincingly, and the loser should not have lost. Until more time is given to the mid card, these will continue to mean nothing

> apparently Cesaro was injured sometime in the hours before the event began, and will be out for 4-6 months. Cesaro, Rollins, Zayn, Itami, Rusev, Orton, Cena… Hello darkness my old friend…

Should you watch this event: Nope. Both semi-final matches were the only interesting part of the show, and I’d argue two of the most predictable at that. If you are a particularly huge fan of the guys on the show, then as always check it out, but to be perfectly honest, the only thing worth mentioning is going to be the sole focus going forward on the weekly show anyway.

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