Wrestling Review: WWE Night of Champions (2015)

It’s a night of opportunity. A night of promise. A night of change. A night of resurgence. A Night of Champions. For one night only, every championship in the WWE will be put on the line when WWE presents it’s Night of Champions. But one man will have the longest night, and that is WWE World Heavyweight Champion AND United States Champion, Seth-freaking-Rollins. Not just one, but two title matches, back to back, await the arrogant poster boy of the Authority, against a 15 time World Champ in John Cena, and the Icon of WCW, the man they call Sting. Also on the card is what is sure to be a brawl between Intercontinental Champion Ryback and Kevin Owens, as well as The New Day defending their Tag Team Titles against the Dudley Boyz, in the latter’s first match in the WWE in years.

+ The New Day (c) vs The Dudley Boyz – Tag Team Championship: this match was great. It was relatively standard, but the New Day’s antics, the fact it was the first Dudley Boyz live event in however many years and the crowds’ crazy enthusiasm made it well worth watching. The ending in particular is certain to get your blood pumping, in either anger or jubilation
+ Seth Rollins (c) vs John Cena – United States Championship: another fantastic match from John Cena, to continue his streak, and no doubt when he was going against the (literal) best in the world for the last year in Seth Rollins. A few sloppy transitions were not enough to mar a fantastic display from both men

John Cena-can-rana. That's a hilarious pun.
John Cena-can-rana. That’s a hilarious pun.

– Seth Rollins (c) vs Sting – WWE World Heavyweight Championship: unfortunately, this was not very good. After a quick start, it soon developed into a ‘big move trading’ festival, and a (real life) injury to Sting slowed the pace to a crawl, and meant the ending came across as rushed and out of place. It’s a shame that Sting has had two high-profile but lackluster WWE matches now, because it is very clear he could still go, if things went to plan
– Ryback (c) vs Kevin Owens – Intercontinental Championship; after Owens’ recent streak of amazing matches, I am slightly saddened to say this was not great. I don’t think it’s fair to heap all the blame on Ryback, but I’ve said for a long time Ryback works better with smaller guys, and certainly not someone with the technical skills of Owens. Take this or leave it, I assume there will be a rematch sometime soon
– Nikki Bella (c) vs Charlotte – Divas Championship: this was just horrible. Considering they had a relatively good match on RAW less than one week prior, I am genuinely surprised just how this match was able to be as bad as it was. The psychology was horrendous, the moves themselves were sloppy and the ending sequence was one of the worst thought out I have ever seen
– The Wyatt Family vs Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns and their mystery partner: It pains me to say this, but this was not a good match. The mystery partner was a nice surprise, but that wore off once the match started. A predictable ending, once again with the exact same intention as previous matches left much to be desired, and the after-match shenanigans were just confusing

— this is my review, so I’ll do what I want and give you the first ever MoshFish 2x NEGATIVE: Rusev vs Dolph Ziggler is legitimately the single worst story that has ever happened to this company. The crowd is rabid for Lana, so they relegate her to a manager. So you’d think the company would put Lana in a match against her rival, Summer Rae; but instead, they keep putting Rusev and Ziggler in matches against each other, despite their incredibly poor reception. This is just stupid, and the sooner it ends, the better for everyone involved. Even the live crowd was calling this match on it’s shit. I just cannot understand why this is still fucking happening


> announced that Brock Lesnar will face The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match? Holy shit.
> a very surprising number of wrestlers were not in matches or even backstage segments; Cesaro, Randy Orton, Sheamus and the Prime Time Players just to name a few.

Should you watch this event: Holy mother of God, no. Not at all. Just Youtube the New Day segment before their match, wait for the inevitable Cena/Rollins rematch and do something productive with your life like tasting bleach or seeing how many live bees you can fit under your eye lids. What a huge fucking waste of my time.

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