TV Review: iZOMBiE (Season 1, 2015)


iZombie is a (semi-)adaptation of the comic book series of the same name published under the Vertigo label of DC Comics. Olivia Moore is turned into a zombie (that’s about the entire explanation, don’t fret the small things) and takes a job at a Washington morgue to cover her need to devour human brains. Turns out eating the brains gives her small visions of the deceased, and she uses this new found party trick to help solve murders.

+ Rose McIver, as Olivia “Liv” Moore is kind, but sarcastic, and genuinely a joy to watch. The different personality traits she takes on after each ‘meal’ are consistently entertaining. And she’s a total cutie, with her super pale skin and white hair.
+ Rahul Kohli is Dr Ravi Chakrabarti, Liv’s boss whom learns her secret very early, but is more intrigued than anything. His British accent and bewildered faces make him genuinely enjoyable whenever he is on screen, and he plays the comedic role nicely. However, this is not to say he doesn’t get a few dramatic moments
+ Robert Buckley as Major Lilywhite, Liv’s former fiancé has arguably the most plot development on his side. He discovers a few things, interacts with the most characters etc. Generally, he is enjoyable but still fits the ‘love interest’ role more than being a core cast member as himself
+ once it kicks into gear, the plot is engaging, with some twists and turns to keep you guessing and the ‘who knows how much about what’ is always the best way to keep things interesting
+ the show makes many references to zombies in pop culture, with nods to 28 Days Later and the Living Dead series mentioned frequently. This self aware style helps the show to not take itself too seriously

– of the core cast, the weakest link is probably Malcolm Goodwin as Clive Babineaux, a Seattle PD detective whom Liv helps with murder cases. He is told Liv is a psychic, but only fleetingly believes this, but works with her nonetheless. Goodwin seemingly only has the one mode, ‘anxious cop’, but there is obviously room for growth
– although it is still the first season, the first handful of episodes doesn’t really go anywhere. It is mostly character development, but the season doesn’t get going until roughly episode 7 or so, when all the earlier little points come together as a cohesive plot
– one main character disappears right near the end of the season, and we get no closure on their arc. It was a little bit frustrating, since it left a pretty big question wide open

> Olivia Moore = Liv Moore = Live More. Get it? I thought it was clever.
> Don’t forget, zombies are scary.

Should you watch this show: I started watching this out of a crush on Rose McIver, and because of how good Flash and Arrow (on the same US network) were, but stayed because it was genuinely endearing. The characters have great chemistry, particularly Liv and Dr Ravi, and the desire to see where everything goes is worth putting up with a few five minute stretches where things get slightly muddled.

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