Wrestling Review: WWE Money in The Bank (2015)


+ WWE World Heavyweight Championship ladder match, Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose: this match was not your typical ladder match, and in many ways that made it better than it should have been. The pace was slow and very methodical until it all went to hell in the last ten or so minutes. Very enjoyable, and progresses the battle between the good guys, bad guys, and everyone in between very nicely
+ John Cena vs. Kevin Owens: much like the match at Elimination Chamber, this was fantastic. Something about these two, and with the story playing out so perfectly outside of the matches just makes every meeting between these two absolute gold. This can go on forever, in my opinion
+ Divas Championship, Nikki Bella vs. Paige: Paige once again proves she can go, and Nikki has improved so much lately and always works better as the bad guy. Good match, with a good ending, and good implications for the future
+ Tag Team Championships, New Day vs. Prime Time Players: another fantastic New Day tag championship defense. This team continues to be a high point in a very over-populated, but relatively stagnant tag division. The reformation of the PTP has proven so far to be a good idea, and these two teams put on good matches, so there may be life left in this feud
+ a very touching tribute to Dusty Rhodes left me a bit misty eyed, and his legacy lives on through the various dusty finishes in the matches

– money in the bank ladder match: nothing special at all, and seemed, as is a running theme lately, to be entirely built around making Roman Reigns look good. No particularly intense spots, and no real tension among anything, as well as, in my opinion, a severely missed opportunity to do something new with new talent. Maybe not the worst MITB match so far, but certainly right near the bottom
– Intercontinental Championship, Ryback vs. Big Show: Big Show is just terrible. He needs to retire for both his own sake, in regards to both his legacy and his health, and because he is just shitting up the entirety of whatever scene he is placed into. Ryback is improving, but can’t carry a match, and works far better with smaller opponents. This was just not very good, for anyone involved
– there are only so many false-finishes (that is, pretending the match will end in one way, as a cover for it ending another) one can accept before it gets to be too much. If you are not confident having someone win, and do so without looking like a joke, maybe they should not be booked to win in the first place

Should you watch this event: This is the fourth review, and therefore fourth WWE event in just over a month. If the match card from this and Elimination chamber was merged accordingly, and then this event was the first after a month of build up, then it would all be good. As always, a few matches were good and should be sought out to give at least one view to, but the short time between events is just doing far more harm than good.

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