Wrestling Review: WWE Payback (2015)

+ the main event of Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns was absolutely fantastic. THAT particular amazing moment aside, the rest of the match was full of fun offense and numerous teases before the ending, which I can’t wait to see followed up on. Numerous interferences (in the no DQ match) kept things interesting throughout
+ New Day vs Tyson Kidd/Cesaro best two-out-of-three falls tag match: fantastic work by the New Day to get the crowd booing them, and make Cesaro/Kidd look like a million bucks
+ Neville vs King Barrett: these two work well together, and consistently do new things in their matches. The finish of the match will get both guys where they need to be

– Cena vs Rusev I Quit match: this was horribly dull, and constant referee interruptions made it even worse. I legitimately could barely stay awake, and a far too predictable outcome ruined what could have been a great match. Hopefully this is the end of their interactions
– Wyatt vs Ryback: both of these two work better with smaller opponents. This was sloppy and made both competitors look foolish
– Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler: nothing special, and a match we have seen far too many times with the same exact moments
– Ascension vs “the mega powers”: horrible. Absolutely horrible all round. Waste of time and two talented wrestlers
– Bellas vs Naomi/Tamina: again, horrible. Sloppy, boring and made the Divas’ Champion look pathetic. The entire idea that we are meant to be cheering for the Bellas is crazy annoying

Should you watch this event: As good as the tag team title match and fantastic fatal four way main event were, the lull in the other matches was just not enough to recommend seeing this in full. Try to watch the two aforementioned matches, if you can, but don’t bother with the rest.


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