Movie Review: RoboCop (2014)

was a 1987 film about a… robotic cop, funnily enough. RoboCop (2014) is a remake of that film, and a modern reboot of the series.

+ Joel Kinnaman is Alex Murphy, the titular mechanical policeman, goes through the stages of grief nicely enough, before getting into believable asskicking mode, most of the time with only his face for emotional display
+ Jackie Earl Haley as a military advisor, and sort of guide to Murphy as RoboCop was my favourite character. Fast talking, but ultimately really cares about both the program, and the safety of the country
+ Gary Oldman is a scientist at OmniCorp, and he actually comes across much different from his many other recent roles; he is very subtle, with no yelling or bombastic actions (and no facial hair!)
+ the action scenes are loud and explosive, the many gun shots in particular sounding particularly intense
+ those bipedal mechs are back, and awesome as ever

– the whole film seemed to take itself far too seriously, with a scene where Keaton’s Raymond Sellars, head of OmniCorp, wants to change the way RoboCop looks (from the original to more sleek and stream-lined and making the suit black)
– similarly, the film lacks much of the satire and charm that the original had, and is far more ‘America, fuck yeah’ than the 1987 film
– despite the fast paced action scenes, there is no violence, so it almost comes across as RoboCop is using rubber bullets or otherwise not killing the bad guys (except he is)
– Samuel L Jackson cuts in now and then as a news reporter providing some exposition on the film’s events, but ultimately is just an unnecessary bit player

> Jay Burachel is one of the OmniCorp marketers, but all I could think was he was Hiccup, from How to Train Your Dragon, whom Burachel voiced
> the unmanned peace keeping drones looked more like Ultron than Ultron himself, in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Should you see this film: No, don’t bother. The film was alright, but doesn’t really do anything amazing, or improve anything already done in the original. Give it a miss, unless you are desperately starved for ANYTHING to watch.

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