Movie Review: Furious 7 (2015)

+ fantastic opening scene really shows the kind of person that new antagonist Deckard Shaw is (a less-over-the-top-than-usual Jason Statham)
+ Surprise cameo by I-G-G-Y Azalea. She’s so fancy.
+ the cars are sexy ( 🙂 ) as per usual, and they get destroyed in various ways ( 😦 ), as per usual
+ the final scenes, with the culmination of Brian O’Conner (the late Paul Walker)’s character were respectful and genuinely a nice way for it to all go

– quite an anti climactic final set piece, at least in comparison to the previous films
– Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs and UFC champion Ronda Rousey as a UAE billionaire’s bodyguard were both severely under utilised
– as always, the action scenes are big and bombastic, but again as always, they run on that little bit too long, or something happens that pushes it out of ‘suspension of disbelief’ territory

> I know it’s a standard for the series, but there are so many shots of bikini clad asses, or booty short clad asses, or attractive female asses that it was almost distracting from the film, rather than adding to it
> I can’t really call it a fault, because it doesn’t seem fair, but the CGI on a few of the final scenes of the late Paul Walker’s Brian O’Conner were noticeable stand-ins (his real life brothers)
> I think this was the first film to use the same naming structure as another in the series. About damn time.

Should you see this film: Probably not. It was not as good as Fast 5, and the fantastic opening and closing scenes don’t justify the muddled middle. Wait until it’s out on Blu Ray and it might be worth it, but for now just rewatch the first and fifth films instead.

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