Movie Review: Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

+ all the main cast are as you’d expect; Iron Man is snarky, Thor is the ‘macho’ one, Captain America is still the wide eyed idealist. Each plays off the other well enough, and all are given the chance to shine in combat and dialogue
+ Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner and Jeremy Renner as Haweye are the heroic standouts, with both getting some much needed characterisation
+ James Spader provides the voice of Ultron, seemingly with glee, and his robotic filter makes him all the more terrifying
+ Ultron’s vision for the perfect world (nudge nudge, see what I did there) provides the most shocking moments of the film, both in and out of battle
+ Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (newcomers Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen) provide some fresh faces as well as flashy powers, and ridiculously good bodies (both of them!)
+ battle scenes are wild and explosive, and go from bang-to-bang with little rhyme or reason

– there is far too much snarky dialogue in moments where there should be no need; if you are fighting a world-destroying, near indestructible robot you should not be making jokes, dammit
– Ultron’s physical design annoys me. The reason comicbook Ultron works is because he is so inhuman, so giving him moving lips and reacting eyes makes him ‘just another bad guy’. Ultron should feel special, but to me he never felt like a real threat. After his first appearance, it is all downhill.
– the plot all gets wrapped up quite nicely, which leaves little room for further exploration of the characters or themes in the film. This is particularly strange considering the already announced, upcoming films

> mid-credit scene is short but sweet, but disappointingly there is nothing after the full credits
> Stan Lee makes his most enjoyable cameo yet

Should you see this film: I can’t imagine that my recommendation here will change whether or not you go to see this. Either way, my answer is still ‘yes’; the movie will satisfy your urge to see big action set pieces, but maybe try to tone down your expectations beforehand.


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