Movie Review: Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014)

+ Fantastic performance by Michael Keaton as the former superhero movie star (I guess he had something to draw that inspiration from…)
+ Supporting cast of Emma Stone, Edward Norton and Zach Galifianakis all play their roles perfectly
+ The film is edited to look like one single two-hour long shot. There were only a few moments I could see where they could have stopped to start again.
+ It is never made completely clear what is happening in the real world, and what is just being imagined by the characters, leaving lots of room for discussion or interpretation

– the film is two hours or so of “talky, depressing, philosophical bullshit”, as lampshaded in the film, so I admit I did lose focus a few times
– the lack of clear scene breaks does make it a bit confusing as to how much time has passed between ‘scenes’

> Whilst the supporting roles were good, I can’t say for certain that Emma Stone or particularly Edward Norton should get Oscar nominations. Maybe every other nomination is just worse?
> Very surprising that the film was not nominated for best editing as the Academy Awards, considering the seemingly single shot is one of the movies most impressive feats

Should you see this film: To me, the best part of the film was discussing what it all meant afterwards, and trying to work out what actually happened. The film is well shot, and well acted, certainly, but unless you are a particular fan of the actors, or have people to discuss the film with afterwards, it might not be worth your time.

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